V-Braille Applications

The following smart phone applications use V-Braille to help children and their parents learn to read and write Braille letters. They are suitable for blind, low-vision and sighted individuals. Currently, these applications run on both iPhone and Android mobile devices that have a touchscreen and vibration capability.

Photo of fingers touching a page written in Braille


VBReader allows people to practice reading Braille letters using vibration to represent raised dots. The letters are presented one at a time in random order, and the player tries to figure out which letter is being displayed by dragging his finger to feel which dots are vibrating on the touchscreen.

VBReader for Android

VBReader for the iPhone


Photo of Braille slate and stylus


VBWriter allows people to practice writing Braille letters. The application speaks the name of a randomly selected letter and presents a touchscreen containing only empty dot outlines. The player double taps in the regions where the dots of the current letter should be raised. After the player submits an answer, the application confirms whether the input was correct, then presents a new letter.

VBWriter for Android

VBWriter for the iPhone


Photo of hangman game


VBHangman lets you play hangman in V-Braille. The smartphone randomly selects a word of a given length, and the user has to guess what letters are in the word (with only nine chances to incorrectly guess a letter). The player must input her letters in V-Braille.

VBHangman for Android


Photo of ghost game


VBGhost lets you play the game of ghost in V-Braille. In ghost, player take turns adding letters onto a word fragment. If any player adds a letter that creates a fragment that is not part of a valid word or adds the last letter of a valid word, she loses. In the V-Braille version of ghost, the players must both enter letters and read the letters entered by the other players in V-Braille.

VBGhost for the iPhone



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